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Bilawal Khoso

Bilawal Khoso (MFA 2018 Graphic Design) has been selected as a speaker at TEDxFSCJ Saturday, April 6, at FSCJ South Campus in Jacksonville, Florida. His mixed-media installation will also be on display at the GET Exhibit during the TEDx event.

Digital marketing experts estimate we see 4,000 to 10,000 ads per day. Now imagine what would happen if we began using digital persuasion not to sell more goods, but to counter the racist narratives and hateful stereotypes that underwrite the global rise of extremism? That’s graphic designer Bilawal Khoso‘s vision. You can see his thought-provoking GET Exhibit, then hear his inspiring talk at TEDxFSCJ 2019: Reimagine the(Im)Possible.

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