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Catherine Reinhart

Leisure Suit Series, an exhibition of eight fiber artworks by Catherine Reinhart (BFA 2008 Integrated Studio Arts), gallery director and artist-in-residence at the Iowa State University Design on Main Gallery, will be featured Feb. 1 through April 30 at the Iowa Law Library as part of the Iowa Arts Council’s Art at the Library Series.

Caregivers have a unique power to provide comfort, ease suffering and connect people. Through the repetitive manipulation of individual threads from a discarded polyester quilt, Reinhart seeks to mimic the ritual actions and deep consideration caregivers provide to their community, ultimately restoring value and breathing new life into a once forgotten object.

Two works by Reinhart also will be included in The Power of Place: KU Alumni Artists exhibition Feb. 16 through June 30 at the University of Kansas’ Spencer Museum of Art. Reinhart will also take part in a panel discussion on “Visualizing Place: A Conversation with Visiting Artists Featured in The Power of Place.”

The Power of Place considers profound understandings of place in the work 29 artists who received degrees from the University of Kansas. Each artist compels the power of hand making in some form and addresses the power of place, whether it be historical places; the spaces of a textile as place; sites or places of past or current distress, trauma, or violence; place as an abstract idea; or place as a visceral reality. The focus on place also explores the power of this place — the KU campus and community — in shaping students who make art.

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