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Shannon (Hoy) Gapp

Shannon (Hoy) Gapp (BS 2011 Community & Regional Planning / MLA 2015 Landscape Architecture), a landscape designer with Bolton & Menk in Des Moines, is a member of the firm’s children’s book series team recognized with an Award of Excellence in Communication by the Iowa chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects (Iowa ASLA) at its 2018 Spring Conference March 26 in Ames. The book series also received a Gold Award for special promotional materials from the Service Industry Advertising Awards (SIAA). This award was nominated by Lime Valley Advertising, the firm that develops the illustrations for the books.

Gapp is the author of Green Trees and Sam, which was developed as a fun and whimsical way to introduce children of all ages to the profession of landscape architecture. The book is short, simple and easy to read, but touches upon a plethora of topics relating to landscape architecture and the types of skills that landscape architects can have.

Interestingly enough, the book was initially written about a boy named Sam, and originally started with “This is Sam. Sam is the man. Sam designs parks with trees and a plan.” The idea then emerged that this children’s book served as a great opportunity to promote females in the professional world as well.

The books in the series have been shared at multiple schools and communities and have been a huge success. They are available online as e-books.

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