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Jon Lemons

Des Moines photographer Jon Lemons (BFA 2009 Integrated Studio Arts / Journalism & Mass Communication) won the Photo Media Award sponsored by the Octagon Board of Trustees in the 50th Clay, Fiber, Paper, Glass, Metal, Wood National All-Media Exhibit on display Jan. 26 through April 7 in the Main and Sweeney Galleries at the Octagon Center for the Arts, 427 Douglas Ave., Ames.

Lemons received the award for “Dottie’s,” a “street” photograph he shot with his medium-format film camera of two similarly-dressed women having breakfast at Dottie’s Café in Dubuque.

“The pair looked to be completing a habitual tradition in a timeless setting,” he said in his statement, noting that he “aims to connect people with [my] photography through experiences and stories from day-to-day life” and “inspire viewers to learn about the people and environments that surround them.”

Lemons is a video production specialist with the Des Moines Public Schools.

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