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Jeremy Caniglia

World-renowned artist Jeremy Caniglia (BFA 1993 Art & Design – Drawing, Painting, Printmaking), a fine arts teacher at Creighton Preparatory School and at the Joslyn Art Museum’s Kent Bellows Center for Visual Arts, both in Omaha, Nebraska, has been accepted for a four-month apprenticeship with figurative master Odd Nerdrum at his studio in Stavern, Norway.

Nerdrum is considered the greatest figurative painter since Caravaggio and Rembrandt, and the Nerdrum School is considered the most important school of figurative painting. It is made up of painters who are bound together by their desire to create timeless masterpieces. As Nerdrum told ArtNews in 2002, “Kitsch is the intimate space, our selves, our love and our congeniality, our yearnings and our hopes, and our tears, joys and passion. Kitsch comes from the creative person’s private space, and speaks to other private spaces. Kitsch deals therefore with giving intimacy dignity.”

Like Nerdrum, Caniglia is known for his emotionally charged and often unsettling work, which focuses on the human condition. Striking, illuminating, foreboding, offensive, haunting and always poignant, Caniglia’s paintings wallow in the glories of expansiveness and of timeless places. His work is showcased in private collections around the world and exhibited in solo and group fine art exhibitions at museums and galleries that include the Society of Illustrators, the Allentown Art Museum, the Walters Art Museum, Salmagundi Gallery in NYC, Coprogallery, Paul Booth-Last Rites Gallery and the Joslyn Art Museum.

An exhibition of Caniglia’s new works will be installed at the Union for Contemporary Arts and other galleries upon his return to the United States. Read more on Caniglia’s blog and Facebook page.

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