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College Memories

Relive the good times in Design! Enjoy these memories shared by alumni and friends of the college.
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Photos include: Freshman Kevin! With MLA graduate pals, from left, Jim Sipes, me, Keith Holdsworth, Kristen Johnson. With Gary Hightshoe, left, and Paul Anderson, right. Professors, mentors, colleagues. Absolutely would not have enjoyed the career I've had without them!
Kevin Kane Landscape Architecture 1982 & 1986

Clark Colby Architecture 2011

Here are some pictures from Veishea 1979. The Student Society of Landscape Architects made life-size plaster casts of some of its members, and they were strategically placed at the entry of the Design building. I believe Steve Wikner and Jim Ijams were two of the models.
Susan Erickson Landscape Architecture 1980

I remember painting a wall of the gallery red for the Rome show to exhibit my Pantheon project. It was difficult to obtain permission to do so; however, Prof. Charlie (Masterson) and Mitchell (Squire) supported the need to paint the wall red to express my concept. I believe it is the first time a student was able to paint part of the gallery a different color for an exhibition. It is a great memory and I appreciated my teachers and school for allowing me to express my thoughts. After the show, I had to return it to the original color even though I loved the red wall :)
Bosuk Hur Architecture 2005

The College of Design taught me design thinking and how to apply it. I also gained lifelong friends and memories. Wherever I go, I'll always be grateful for my time at the ISU CoD!
Amy E Industrial Design 2013

Back then it was not AVC; I received my BFA degree in Craft Design. Chuck Evans was my biggest mentor. I was able to take a jewelry class during my first year in the pre-architecture program and was reminded how much I loved working with my hands. One day during class, Chuck asked what I was doing in architecture and told me I should be a fine arts major. It took little convincing. That summer I was accepted into the architecture program but instead I opted to be a fine arts major. I eventually ended up winning the Janice Peterson Anderson Award in the Art & Design Department and the importance of that totally eluded me until I returned to Iowa State to teach. It was a huge honor, and I hope I made my profs proud. The pic is of a tea set I made will a Focus Grant in 1989.
Chris Martin Art And Visual Culture 1990

I was a student in Applied Art/Advertising Design. I remember Mrs. Bro's class and Mrs. Miller's class. I enjoyed a fabric printing design class also. One of my paintings, "Hamburger on Chair," was in a Des Moines Art Center exhibition and earned 27/30. Another painting, "Aerial View," is in the Presbyterian church. I sold my art in Carlsbad, New Mexico, in the Art Images show as part of the Carlsbad Area Art Association.
Carol Pugsley Art And Visual Culture 1977

After having classes in the old horse barn, we used to complain of how stuffy it was in the modern new Design Center with no operable windows. Lo and behold, one day some creative design student removed one of the fixed panes of glass in a fifth-floor design lab and installed a pair of old double-hung windows. I remember the fresh air that provided.
Gary Cinnamon Architecture 1979