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Connecting from home

Office desktop machines

Your computers have been setup with remote access and “wake on lan” functionality. 

  • Starting your computer. If you need to start your machine please visit this link and put in the name of your computer.  Please see list for computer names
  • Remote Access.  The next step is to connect to the Virtual Private Network for ISU (VPN) from your home computer.  This is important because it creates an environment which is secure and will make your home computer act like it is an Iowa State computer.
  • The next step is to connect to your office computer
    • Find the search bar for your computer OS (PC only) and type: mstsc then hit return (this stands for Microsoft Terminal Services Client).  It may show Remote Desktop Connection also.  In the computer box, fill in the full name of your computer (see list).
    • When you are presented with the box that asks you for your credentials, type this in the Username box
      Then enter your ISU password.
    • If there is already an account name in the box, choose More Choices then choose Use a different Account
  • If you don’t have a windows machine, here is a site that shows how to connect from different operating systems


Faculty/Staff laptops