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The College of Design at Iowa State University is one of the nation’s most comprehensive institutions for art and design education. Few other institutions, public or private, can boast the impressive array of disciplines we support under one collegiate “roof.” This leads to a strong, multidisciplinary network of design thinking that directly benefits you. As a student in the College Design, you’ll work alongside your peers from majors including architecture, landscape architecture, biological/pre-medical illustration, studio arts, planning, and industrial, graphic, interdisciplinary and interior design to earn a well-rounded education and build valuable relationships for the future.

News and Events

Irish HeritageIrish Heritage

Boone Municipal AirportBoone Municipal Airport

Letters of the AlphabetLetters of the Alphabet

Functional Art for ManningFunctional Art for Manning

Pastel DrawingPastel Drawing

The Boston Museum of Conflict and ViolenceThe Boston Museum of Conflict and Violence

Wayfinding System for the College of DesignWayfinding System for the College of Design

The Boston Museum of Conflict + ViolenceThe Boston Museum of Conflict + Violence

Witchcraft MemorialWitchcraft Memorial

Emoto-bots Symbol SetEmoto-bots Symbol Set

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