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  • Nominations sought for 2018 “Women Impacting ISU” calendar
  • April 26, 2017

    The Catt Center will accept nominations for its 2018 “Women Impacting ISU” calendar through Sept. 29. Any woman who is currently employed by the university (must still be employed for the 2018 calendar year) or is a current student at Iowa State is eligible to be nominated. Self-nominations will not be considered. Those selected for the 2018 calendar will be notified in November. More information, including the nomination form, is online.

  • Revised college governance document available for review before May 1 vote
  • April 26, 2017

    Next Monday, May 1, proposed changes to the College of Design’s Governance Document will be brought to the college faculty-staff meeting for a vote. The revised document was presented at the April 24 faculty-staff meeting.

    The Liaison Council invited the Office of the Dean to recommend changes to the college’s governance document to clarify term limits on college councils and committees, to align the college’s associate deans with the appropriate councils and committees, to reflect recent changes in the Faculty Handbook regarding position responsibility statements and to correct some Faculty Handbook references.

    Recommendations were submitted to the Liaison Council, which reviewed all of the changes and decided which changes to bring forward for consideration and vote. Substantive changes are highlighted in the linked document.

  • Osborn Drive gates to remain down during summer session
  • April 25, 2017

    During previous summer sessions, the Osborn Drive gates have been in the open position. This summer session, however, the gates will remain down from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Facilities Planning & Management will monitor usage and may adjust the time to 5 p.m. depending on any issues that may need to be addressed by the Parking Division.

  • Final draft of strategic plan update available to review before May 1 vote
  • April 25, 2017

    Next Monday, May 1, the final draft of the College of Design’s strategic plan update will be brought to the college faculty-staff meeting for a vote. The following two documents were presented at the April 24 meeting and are available for review:

    Please come to the May 1 meeting prepared to vote on approval of the updated plan.

  • Faculty needed for student orientation panel
  • April 24, 2017

    The Office of New Student Programs seeks participants for a faculty/adviser panel during summer orientation. The audience is primarily family members of first-year, direct-from-high-school students. The panel is intended to address academic expectations, classroom culture and how family members can support their students academically. Your advice about classroom etiquette and proper communication will help family members understand the academic environment their students will be entering this fall.

    Each panel will be composed of one representative from each of the three colleges hosting orientation on that day. Design faculty panel dates are June 2, 7, 13, 23 and 27 from 9 to 10 a.m. each day in the Memorial Union Sun Room. As a panelist, you will be asked to:

    • tell the audience a little about yourself and how you work with students
    • share how family members can best support their student academically
    • answer questions from the audience
    • give family members a piece of helpful advice about academic success as they send their student off to college

    Faculty members are asked to commit to participate in two or three orientation sessions. The orientation faculty/adviser panel is the second half of a session called “Key Topics for Family Members.” Please respond online ASAP. You will be informed of your confirmed dates by May 1.

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Upcoming Events

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Friday 04/28/17
  • CODAC Sale Day 3
  • 10:00 am

    Final day of the biannual sale of work by students in the integrated studio arts (undergraduate) and integrated visual arts (graduate) programs, sponsored by CODAC (College of Design Art Club). Work this year may include ceramics, prints, photos, woods and textiles.

    Most items will range in price from $5 to $150. A majority of proceeds go to the artists, while the rest help fund club activities such as workshops, field trips and guest speakers. Help support our students and find unique gifts for Mother’s Day, graduation, or other upcoming events!

  • IVA + GD Graduate Student Open House
  • 05:00 pm

    Integrated Visual Arts + Graphic Design Graduate Student Open House Friday, April 28 from 5 p.m.- 8 p.m. at Design on Main.

Monday 05/01/17
  • Carlton Basmajian – CEAH Director Candidate Interview
  • 04:00 pm

    Carlton Basmajian, associate professor of community and regional planning, is one of four candidates for the position of director of the ISU Center for Excellence in the Arts and Humanities.

Wednesday 05/03/17
  • GIS Graduate Seminars: Ahmed Abdelaty, Kurt Wilson, James N. Dupuie Jr., & Rachana Awale
  • 02:00 pm

    An Enhanced Framework for Dynamic Segmentation of Pavement Sections Using Python

    Ahmed Abdelaty, GIS Certificate Candidate, Department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering

    Advisor: Dr. Brian Gelder


    Highway agencies used automated data collection methods such as laser scanning, which resulted in the collection of an enormous amount of high-density pavement condition data. Hence, aggregating homogenous pavement segments based on the existing conditions is needed to accurately represent the overall network performance as well as making maintenance and rehabilitation decisions. This study proposes a new segmentation framework for pavement sections in Iowa that finds homogenous segments by considering multiple pavement distresses. The framework uses the affinity propagation clustering technique and heuristic rules. However, the clustering technique does not respect the spatial nature of pavement sections. As such, heuristic rules are formulated to overcome this limitation and identify homogenous pavement segments. A Python script will automate the segmentation process and produce maps of the segmented network. The script will create arrays from the pavement condition geodatabase file by using pavement condition indicators such as ride quality, rutting, and cracking data. Then the affinity propagation and heuristic rules will be implemented to create condition-based homogenous sections. Finally, the script will create polylines by using the coordinates to generate maps. The proposed segmentation framework will improve the representation of pavement condition data, and formulation of pavement maintenance and rehabilitation strategies.

    Investigating Mammoth and Mastodon Range Expansion and Contraction in the Midwestern U.S.

    Kurt Wilson, GIS Certificate Candidate, Department of Anthropology

    Advisor: Dr. Matthew Hill


    This research intends to use spatial patterning to answer three main questions.  Do mammoth and mastodon ranges expand or contract to certain zones in the Midwest region of the U.S. over time?  How might expansion and contraction patterns, or lack thereof, relate to the extinction of these mammals?  What patterns in the δ13C value of the mammals appear over space or time that may relate to extinction? To investigate I will use a data set comprised of the 92 mammoth and mastodon specimens from the Midwest that have been 14C dated and the geographic location of their recovery.  Possessing point data containing the radiocarbon age of each specimen will enable me to utilize isoline cartography to create isometric lines of ranges based on ages of the specimens.  I will then generate additional isoline maps of δ13C values over the spatial extent of the ranges to determine if there are regional or temporal variations in food content consumed.  Understanding range expansion and contraction along with diet variation will determine if spatial patterns show new possible factors in mammoth and mastodon extinction.

    Distribution and Resiliency of Ring-necked Pheasants in Iowa

    James N. Dupuie Jr., GIS Certificate Candidate, Department of Natural Resource Ecology and Management

    Advisors: Dr. Stephen J. Dinsmore and Dr. Julie A. Blanchong


    The Ring-necked Pheasant is an economically and recreationally important Iowa gamebird. Pheasants are on a long-term decline in Iowa. In an effort to understand how to manage pheasant populations in Iowa’s altered landscape, I will: 1) examine current pheasant spatial distributions on central Iowa windfarms; and 2) look at factors affecting resiliency in local pheasant populations through time across Iowa. For the first part, I will be using GIS to analyze a data set of male pheasant crowing surveys from 2015 and 2016. Using spatial analysis, python, and survey data I will automate the estimation of pheasant locations for use in habitat selection analysis. I will also create a pheasant density map for four central Iowa wind farms using the geostatistical method of kriging. For the second part, I will use a fifty year dataset of roadside surveys from the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR). I will be using GIS to determine the factors affecting local population resiliency, including locations of wind turbines and available habitat. I will also be able to interpolate a map of pheasant population resiliency across the state. This analysis should be useful to the Iowa DNR when making pheasant management decisions.

    Open Space and Social Equity: A study of Des Moines, Iowa and Fort Worth, Texas

    Rachana Awale, GIS Certificate Candidate, Department of Community and Regional Planning

    Advisor: Dr. Biswa Das


    Open spaces are significant aspects of cities which contribute to their character. Open spaces add benefits in various factors like ecological, recreational, social and economic. The project uses residential property values as a proxy to compare the willingness of homebuyers to pay for single-family homes near to and away from open spaces in Des Moines, Iowa and Fort Worth, Texas in 2010. This project studies about access of open spaces in both cities. First of all, home sales price will be geocoded in GIS to create point shape file. Then, kernel density will be performed to show the density of population and open spaces in both cities. Equity mapping will be performed to show information on proximity and access to open spaces. By overlaying the results, it will help to visually inspect the difference of residential properties values with respect to socioeconomic profile and proximity to open spaces. Finally, interview with the planners will be carried out to have their insight in planning of open spaces and social justice. This project will provide recommendations for making open spaces accessible to all the people and helps planners to allocate preferred areas for residential purpose.

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CoD Deadlines
Monday 05/01/17 This is due in 3 days
  • S18 study abroad proposals approved by AAC due to Education Abroad Committee
  • S18 original course offerings distributed to departments
  • Final SS17 room assignments due to Linda & Jean & Mandy
  • Professional development funding proposals for lecturers/senior lecturers & adjunct faculty due to SVP & Provost
  • Preliminary (third year) reviews of tenure eligible faculty due from dean to SVP & Provost
Saturday 05/06/17
  • S16 original course offerings (gray sheets) distributed for review
Monday 05/08/17
  • Request for FISIP increments for the following fiscal year are due from the colleges to the SVP & Provost
Friday 05/12/17
  • Departments begin approval process for S18 experimental courses
  • Last day to cancel SS II courses due to low enrollment.
Monday 05/29/17
  • Deadline for approval of new experimental courses for F17
  • Preliminary room assignments for F17 distributed
Thursday 06/01/17
  • Changes to course titles & descriptions approved by college due to Registrar
  • Corrected S17 gray sheets due to Linda & Jean & Mandy
  • Confirmation that all faculty annual performance evaluations are complete due from dean to SVP & Provost
Thursday 06/08/17
  • Changes to preliminary F17 room assignments due to Linda & Jean & Mandy
Wednesday 06/21/17
  • Changes in F17 room assignments due to Room Scheduling @ 4 p.m.
Friday 06/30/17
  • Women's & Diversity Grant Program Impact Reports from grant recipient's due to SVP & Provost
Saturday 07/01/17
  • Departmental responsibility statements for % NTE faculty due to dean
Friday 07/07/17
  • Last day to cancel F17 courses due to low enrollment
Tuesday 08/01/17
  • D-Trak open to chairs for adding % for research, service, buyouts, etc. Changes to courses need to be make by Linda & Jean & Mandy to ensure alignment with ADIN
  • College Responsibility Statements (CRS) due from colleges to Senior Vice President and Provost
Tuesday 12/12/17
  • Promotion & Tenure dossiers with Faculty Development Council recommendations due to dean
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ISU architecture students take top 10 win in national AIA sustainable design competition

April 25, 2017

IVA grad student wins best in show in Biorenewables Art Competition

April 25, 2017

ISU art and visual culture professor to talk about bus-wrap public art project April 20 at Des Moines’ Hanawalt Elementary

April 20, 2017

04/19/17 AMES, Iowa — Artist and Iowa State University faculty member Brent Holland will share his recent public art project with students April 20-21 at Hanawalt Elementary School in Des Moines. Holland, an associate professor of art and visual culture in…[read more]

Integrated studio arts graduating senior Carly Ludwig is ISU College of Design’s student marshal for spring commencement

April 18, 2017

04/18/17 AMES, Iowa — Carly Ludwig of Carroll will represent the Iowa State University College of Design as its student marshal at the university’s undergraduate commencement ceremony Saturday, May 6, at Jack Trice Stadium. Her faculty escort will be Joe Muench,…[read more]

OPN Masterclass Video with Cooking Sections

April 15, 2017

Daniel Fernández Pascual and Alon Schwabe, spatial practitioners who together are known as Cooking Sections, taught a master class April 10-12 at Iowa State University and presented a public lecture Wednesday, April 12, in Urbandale at the William Murray Conference…[read more]

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Research News

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E-News for Researchers, April 18, 2017

April 21, 2017

E-News for Researchers, April 18, 2017 Center for Excellence in Arts & Humanities Seeks New Director The Center for Excellence in Arts & Humanities seeks a new director to lead the center’s mission to promote excellence in research and creative…[read more]

4/21/17 – Arts + Humanities Research Update

April 21, 2017

Arts + Humanities Research Update 170421

Weekly ISU Limited Submissions

April 21, 2017

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NSF: Work at the Human-Technology Frontier: Shaping the Future

April 17, 2017

What is Convergence? | NSF – National Science Foundation NSF (National Science Foundation) and DOC (Department of Commerce). 2002. Converging Technologies for Improving Human Performance: Nanotechnology, Biotechnology, Information Technology and Cognitive Science. Edited by M.C. Roco and W.S. Bainbridge, National…[read more]

Iowa State Administrative Searches

April 17, 2017

Colleagues: As you may know, Dave Holger, who serves as both Associate Provost for Academic Programs and Dean of the Graduate College, will be retiring effective June 30, 2017. Dave has served Iowa State for more than 40 years in…[read more]

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