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This is our older web site. During our transition period, some of the information on this site is still relevant while we update the main site. Please go to to view our new webpages.

Iowa State University
Visit the Midwest Planning BLUZ
The Land Use Law Updates section has moved to a new blogsite.  Visit the Midwest Planning BLUZ - Iowa State University Extension's Blog on Land Use and Zoning - for recent cases from Iowa and around the Midwest, legislative happenings and other planning and zoning topics of interest.  The web address for the BLUZ is
Cases decided prior to 2009 will continue to be archived on this page.  Cases decided in 2009 and later will be archived on the BLUZ blog-site. 
Links to Archived Articles
Links to Archived Iowa Court Case Summaries
Michael Dooley, et. al. v. Johnson County Board of Supervisors (Iowa Court of Appeals, December 17, 2008) - Serial gathering of county supervisors with planning consultant to discuss recommendations of report did not constitute 'meeting” under Open Meetings Law

Timberland Partners XXI, LLP, Edward L. Hendrickson and James C. Conlin v. Iowa Department of Revenue ( Iowa Supreme Court, October 24, 2008) - Taxing apartments at a higher rate than condominiums of the same value does not constitute illegal property tax discrimination

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