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The center for Town/Craft is an alliance of Hometown Perry, Iowa, the College of Design at Iowa State University, ISU Extension Community and Economic Development for the purpose of identifying and developing new "ideas and strategies that strengthen small communities".

Housed in refurbished historic buildings across from the restored Carnegie Library in Perry, Town/Craft combines the resources of the cultural studies of Hometown Perry, Iowa, the multidimensional outreach network of Iowa State University Extension, and the students, staff and faculty of a nationally prominent school of design into a comprehensive vehicle for envisioning a sustainable future for Iowa towns and surrounding landscapes.

Town/Craft intends to pursue its mission through a series of conferences, projects, exhibits, publications and consultations that will focus on the various challenges and opportunities that face the historic culture of our small communities. "Community Futures 2007: The Small Town in the Bioeconomy," a conference held April 10 2007 in Ames, is the first of the open sessions planned by Town/Craft to begin to gather information and ideas on particularly dynamic developments that promise to shape, for good or ill, the destinies of many community environments.

Finally, Town/Craft is a venture that welcomes the widest possible diversity of perspectives. The center expects to include the knowledge, wisdom and creative energy of the arts, sciences, liberal studies, politics, economics, entrepreneurship and, most important, the real and virtual citizenry of our Iowa towns as it pursues its mission.