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King Pavilion
An Environmentally Sustainable Addition
to the College of Design

This project is driven by two interconnected objectives: combining the construction of a set of studios designed to accommodate the community of all beginning design students within a fabric carefully developed to perform within and inspire environmentally responsible practices.
We intend that the pavilion and its site features accelerate the process of introducing sustainable behavior into the culture and environment of the larger collegiate and university community.
Over a quarter century ago, when the design was in process for our existing facility, another energy crisis gripped the nation, providing a preamble to what we now all recognize as a growing threat to our planet and a way of life. The present College of Design building responded to those concerns at the time, but it's obvious that larger lessons on these matters remain to be learned by all of us involved with the shaping of the environment.
I hope that this project, in addition to providing a new home for the foundational studies of most of our entering students, will become an active learning device in our effort to permanently establish the principles of environmental stewardship within our collegiate culture.
Mark C. Engelbrecht, FAIA, Dean Emeritus, College of Design

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